Do you have a daily EXERCISE routine? For you? For your students?

Hmm.. I can't say that I have a set routine. It depends on what I am working on or what a student needs. But what I come to most, would be De la Sonorite by Marcel Moise, and the Etudes by Kreutzer.

De la Sonorite is often very simple and the important thing is to always be curious. Curious to see what kind of tonal colors you can produce, curious to know what each part of your body is doing, curious to see if you could do more by relaxing more... If you keep the curiosity and inspiration alive, De la Sonorite really is never-ending and it can be so much fun! (Really!)

Etudes by Kreutzer - this is my flute bible! It is a famous etudes written for Violin by Rudolphe Kreutzer in the 18th century, and my teacher and mentor Mr. Paul Meisen published it as a flute etude. Each etude has a specific goal, and you can learn so much about the posture, colors, styles.. It is limitless! It can be a bit difficult to find the music, but looks like you can purchase it through or






can you tell me how to choose a flute?

Nowadays, every flute maker makes wonderful flutes and the amount to choose from, is often overwhelming. There is no right or wrong, and in the end, it comes down to the preference of each player. Following suggestion is for people who are and/or want to play the flute for a long time.

For beginners: Nickel flute or nickel body/silver headjoint, open-hole flute. Now this open-hole part is just my preference, but for me, it is better to get used to it from the beginning. (you can use the plug in the beginning)

For intermediate flutists: Silver, open-hole flute

Anything above intermediate is too difficult to generalize, without knowing the specific player. It all depends on your style and goal.







do you teach beginners?

Yes! My students varies from beginners to semi professional flutists, from different background, age group and nationalities, and I love teaching them all! All you need is an instrument and will to be the best you can be! :) 




do you DO skype lessons?

While working in person is of course always better, I do offer skype lessons, given the fact that you have a high-speed internet connection. For in-person / Skype lesson inquiries, please contact HERE




If you have any questions, feel free to ask via Contact.