G. Faure; Sicilienne with Yuko Fujii

F. Mendelssohn; Scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream with Demarre McGill

W.A. Mozart; Flute Concert No. 2 in D K. 314 with Seitaro Ishikawa (conductor) & Kobe City Chamber Orchestra

J.S. Bach; Allemande from partita for solo flute BWV1013

C. Debussy; Syrinx

J. Ibert; Entr'acte with Eric Cecil

A Vivaldi; Flute concerto "La Tempesta di Mare" with Heribert Beissel (conductor) and Jugendsinfonieorchester Sachen-Anhalt

R. Muczynski; Sonata 4th movement with Phillip Moll

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