My Teaching Philosophy

After having the luxury of studying with world-renowned flutists - whose broad musical knowledges and unique technical exercises have had a profound effect on my own work - I feel extremely passionate about continuing to share these and other ideas with flute lovers.

Through working with these prolific flutists, I learned the importance of getting to know each student personally and musically, in order to find the best method for them. I do this by always taking the time to talk with students about their concerns, musical challenges, or any other life experiences they may with to share, all of which will help them grow into unique musicians and performers.

My great teacher and mentor, Paul Meisen, once said, “Teachers are there to help students become their own teachers.” This too has become my ultimate goal with each new student I teach.

Briefly, here is my basic approach towards teaching the flute;

  • Learn how to use the body without force, to get maximum tonal colors and dynamics
  • Deep musical knowledge to be free
  • Always be curious and be open to new musical ideals
  • Lastly and most importantly, “Think and think. Then forget!” (Meaning, think and analyze seriously when practicing, and then on stage, simply let go of everything and be free) - another fantastic quote from Mr. Meisen.


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  • 体に無駄な力をかけずに最大限の音色感とダイナミクスを身につける。
  • 演奏に自由さを生むために、音楽的理解を深める。
  • 常に好奇心を持って、新しい音楽感を開拓する。


  • 『考えて考えて、忘れよう!』(練習は真剣に考えながら、でも舞台に上がったら、全てを忘れて自由になろう)〜 これもまた、マイゼン先生からの、かけがえのない教えです。